Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, thanks to some encouraging done well by Liana and Lindsay, I am blogging up late like an actual twenty-first century child with rights to yell at their parents about technology. Which reminds me that I miss my Poloroid. Well, let's list some things about me. 

MOST OF The Things I LIKE:
DIBBS, bananas, blogging, reading, mediocre music, sunshine, the beach, overcast days in Scotland, those bubble things that come in packaging that you can pop, waving at people I don't know, and washing my face. 

MOST OF The Things I LOVE:
Music, my family (including trail mix), music, FNL, music, nature, being a moderate hippy, the internet, frozen cupcakes with ice cream, sugar, santa barbara, my life, the sky, bracelets, seeing movies, dental tape, thinking, writing and biking. oh and when people think they are getting away with making fun of me "behind my back" but I can hear them. (:

MOST OF The Things I HATE: 
The smell of burps, toe jam, seeing old people look sad, graphically perverted jokes, armpits, too much foul language (hurts my ears), when people feel sorry for themselves too much, homophobes that I don't love, mean blonde jokes, how people think all black people are gangsters, bad breath, the word pu-NO I CAN'T SAY IT! 

And that's my Overture. 
Come back soon, 
-moderately awesome person. 

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  1. HA I CAN TELL ALREADY THAT YOUR BLOG IS GONNA BE GOOD IN THE FUTURE. dibbs i like. and it's called bubble wrap. HA DENTAL TAPE. i never knew "floss" was copyrighted. the smell of burp reminds me of mike bonner.